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Infinite Recycling of Plastics – A biotechnology approach

Recycling based on plastic-degrading capabilities found in nature.

The problem with advanced recycling

Unlike mechanical recycling, advanced recycling actually changes plastics at the molecular level. The result is not finely ground polymers, but rather original monomers ready to be made into new, virgin-grade plastics or fuel.

While advanced recycling is certainly useful for diverting plastic waste away from landfills, most of these processes are still highly pollutive…

Samsara Eco uses enzymes which can attack complex plastics (polymers), reverting them back to their original chemical building blocks (monomers).

This is what makes our technology infinite:
Unlike traditional recycling our technology turns plastic by reverting complex polymers into simple monomers, we can make new, virgin-grade plastics without ever needing fossil fuels again. A truly circular process.
We have optimised enzymes found in nature to efficiently recycle PET and polyester plastics at scale.

Even better, we are competitive with the market price of recycled plastics and will be profitable from our first factory.