There are some things in life you get curious and explore it then the curiosity fades but there are some things in life where you get curious and explore it only to find you are even more curious! Archaea, a class of microorganism, falls in the latter category to me. When I got introduced to the world of anaerobic technology, though the concept was hard for me to understand initially, I was curious about Archaea and its importance in anaerobic digestion how it converts wastes into energy. Then I explored more about Archaea class and some facts that I still read with awe are,

  • Archaea, a third domain of life, was not even found until 1970s!! For centuries it was mistaken as bacteria. 
  • Rightly knowns as extremophiles for its super heroic survival skills, it can be found in boiling temperatures like Yellow Stone Park in USA, and freezing temperatures such as Arctic and Antarctic regions, and also high pressures and salty concentrations and yet very sensitive to its environmental conditions!
  • Archaea till now remains a biggest puzzle to the microbiologist and there are many things yet to be explored and bridged in our understanding of these mysterious micro-organisms.

Inspired by its mysterious nature, strong adaptability, and survival skills in hostile conditions, I even once set my mind to name my future daughter “Archaea”. But when a potential idea hit me that could change the way the waste management industry works on a global scale, I couldn’t think of any other better name.

“So here I present you Archaea, an exclusive portal for waste management that lets the audience know how different wastes are handled, and what are the companies and policies involved in each types of wastes and their technology, latest research, events, and bio products happening in the waste management field with a touch of intermittent journalism.”